No ‘Boom Bye Bye’ at Buju concert – Selector says the deejay will not be performing the song


    Beloved artiste Buju Banton has captivated diverse audiences for years with an expansive repertoire of dancehall and reggae classics.

    Boom Bye Bye is one such song included in his his catalogue, which has stirred much controversy since it was released in 1992.

    Recorded by a then teenage Banton in 1988, the track denounces homosexuals and delineates violence towards them.

    The backlash Banton received from the track was almost enough to silence his career as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights groups lobbied for his ban at several concerts.


    1. of course he won’t perform the song. It’s the reason he ended up behind bars in the first place. the drugs conviction thing was a smokescreen. The LGBT want tolerance but are not TOLERANT of others who share a different viewpoint.

      • Soooo you want someone to be tolerant of someone else who promotes violence against them? That’s not tolerance. That’s like me telling everyone to go scalp a Rastafarian because I don’t like their hair.


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