BPM wins Barbuda by-election

    Ricardo Nedd, ABLP Candiddate (left), Beazer-Joseph, BPM (right)

    The Barbuda Peoples Movement has retained the seat recently vacated by Trevor Walker following by-elections of the sister-isle today.

    Calsey Beazer of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) is the new council member-elect with 531 votes.

    She beat the contender from the ABLP Ricardo Nedd, 303 votes, and an independent candidate, to retain the seat for the BPM.

    The seat became vacant after Trevor Walker resigned after being elected Barbuda MP on March 21.



    1. Congratulations to Calsey Beazer and the BPM. It’s time for the Council to get going. Take charge and begin to rebuild your community.

      • I am sure the ABLP is still the government of Antigua& Barbuda.How can the BPM take charge? You people seem to lacking commonsense.

        • They seem to think that a local government has more power than a national government. Foolish people.

      • “Take charge and begin to rebuild your community.”

        Oh how I wish they would. People over there working on the houses, but did any Barbudans pass them a nail or hammer? Barbudans CANNOT take charge and rebuild if they enjoying the Antiguan lifestyle.

      • @- CassandraK you mean take charge and relax in Antigua while you wait on the government to rebuild your homes for free while still being paid every week. What a set of people. Don’t know why England dont given them their independance so they can take their LAND and go.

      • @Chrissy-Was is your point? What is the relevance of your comment to the topic at hand here.SMDH. Since you are on the topic, it would seem like some people are hell bent on causing disruption and confusion in the nation-you,ll need to acknowledge that we have a Government in office elected by the people overwhelmingly and there are certain decisions that the government will and can make without any permission by the people,we have given them that job-so i fail to understand what is it that those with the same mentality as yours ,is thinking that you,ll can do to stop the government from performing its duties. Democracy does not mean,creating havoc and stopping progress to suit anyone’s personal and political agenda.GET REAL..

        • This is Miss Chrissy point; she would rather parents to spend thousands of dollars sending their kids university that us having a campus. People like that are so politically blind they make bs comments like that, just because they are oppose to the government of the day. If it was the UPP attempting to open a unversity campus they would be on the same level as God. Sore Loser Flu really messes with the braun smdh.

    2. Am just glad that Barbudans are not easily bought like antiguans,because i can’t see how any one can vote for the alp ,asot,robin ,browne absurd voting for Michael browne that did nothing but goes to rhe market and try to appear vissable is just unbelievable

    3. @ Corrupt-You cannot see how anyone voted for the ABLP because your brain is clearly lacking gray matter,you just need your dunce Cap to be crowned an Imbecile..

    4. Smh the sore loser flu really bad. I cant see how over 23, 000 person are “brought” but nothing better can b expected from the 13, 000 minoroty. I cant honsetly say I’m surprise by the result of the Barbuda by-election. Nothing those Barbudans do suprises me. They stil want Antigua to rebuil their homes for free while they being paid for doing nothing.

    5. If the Barbudans had their sand money they would be miles ahead in development. Three ALP government Ministers and all their descendants should work for Barbudans for free because they get filthy rich out of Barbuda sand. Barbuda sand money sent their children to law school. That was blatant conflict of interest. Now another set of ALP government Ministers have their eyes on Barbuda Land. This is going to be a bitter fight to the end. I might not be alive to see the end of it. Barbuda PRESS ON. NEVER GIVE UP.

      • Barbuda PRESS ON. NEVER GIVE UP…. I would love to know where Barbuda is heading… the seem locked in a time warp…

      • While they are pressing on could they please look for ways to earn revenue an stop.leach on the central government. Antiguans hard earn tax dollar going towards paying people who not producing just liming and relaxing.


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