Asot resigns!


    Minister of Investment and Trade, Asot Michael has resigned. News reaching the Antigua Newsroom indicates that the decision was taken at an emergency meeting.

    As a result, Prime Minister the Honourable Gaston Browne has written to the Governor General to tender Michael’s appointment.

    Minister Michael reportedly quit after a recording surfaced of him demanding payments and gifts from British investor, Peter Virdee in the United Kingdom (U.K.) High Court and was made public in Antigua and Barbuda on March 11th.

    According to reports, Virdee’s calls were apparently being intercepted by German law enforcement officials. In the recording Michael allegedly demanded money, a car and campaign financing.

    In October 2017, Prime Minister Browne relieved Michael of his duties and advised the Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams to immediately revoke his then appointment as Minister of Tourism and Investment, pending the outcome of his arrest by the Metropolitan Police in London.

    Browne said then that he expects every member of his government to comply with the highest possible standards required of public office and while Michael might establish his innocence in time, the fact that he has been arrested, obliges him to relieve Michael of all government duties.

    But shortly before calling the general election on March 21st 2018, Michael was allowed to run as Member of Parliament in the St Peters constituency and subsequently secured a cabinet portfolio as Minister of Investment and Trade.


    1. At least he was giving her gave a lot of pple money. Whether or not it was briebery he helped a lot of pple. Nevertheless he is always giving at xmas time or whenever not during elections only. Sad matter but as humans we make mistakes

    2. Why is Asot alone resigning when all may have been trying to do was continue the enrichment of himself and colleagues? If you ask me the Labour Party should go with him. Are the rest of them any better?

    3. Tonight in town a brethen meet and called out Duncy Bat…I said Yessssss (like MB). He asked you hear A-Sot resigned. I said of course…what you expect in a Cartoon Country the characters come and go!

      • Once upon a time. I was an ambassador. I was bribe and I gave money to a former PM. I was arrested and charged and I died whilst exercising. UPPITES.. Do you know whom I gave the money too? Do you remember my name? You all are bunch of hypocrites. That’s is one of many reasons, the party lost soooooo badly.

      • You must be a real Duncy Bat-you make the most stupid comments..i hope you do not think they are entertaining. Its what we used to call “Dry Joke”

    4. I hate to say I told you so because it is our beloved country that once again looks bad. This man is sloppy and I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone caught him on tape or video.

    5. So because he never got the car for his MuM is that why he never give his constituents no muddas day gift!

    6. The PM was too quick to allow Asot to run in St.Peter’s constituency again and to bring him back in the cabinet once labour won given that this matter was still pending. It was the worst political move ever. Fired twice in seven months. The PM needs to ask him to resign his StPeters seat and call for a re-run in that constituency. This transcends politics and decency demands no less Mr PM.

    7. He got the car member the new car he drove after hr came back from england?????if it is one thing he learned alot from pahram and pares people this guy can beg and he does it with conviction like he owned what he is begging for……but guess what he is still apart of the alp take a drive to ebeneza and look and see what buildings have solar panels ,check the schools ,member they wanted to put air conditioning in schools guess what a company is already set up just like how they set up the company for the E books…..investigate the E books gaston

      • Yes an don’t forget to investigate the fences around the playing fields, the missing bathroom at Yasco, the jellybean sidewalks, the Wadali waste plant the million dollar mile per road, the cant park ect…


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