Authorities “rescue” strippers from local nightclubs

Jam Dung

(Press Release)

A joint operation was executed on two establishments last evening which resulted in several persons being taken into custody for further questioning.

Operations carried out at the Jam Dung Night Club and Wendy’s Bar and Restaurant were carried out to identify possible trafficked persons and possible offenders of the country’s human trafficking laws.

Dubbed “the rescue mission”, the joint operation targeted establishments based on information of possible unlawful activities relating to human trafficking and other offences.

At the end of the operations a total of 19 potential victims were identified and four persons are assisting with the ongoing investigations.

The joint operation included members from the Ministry of Health, the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, the Ministry of Public Safety & Labour, the Immigration Department, the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP), the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF), and the Emergency Medical Services


    • Cheryl “jam dumg” has been doing this for YEARS and also Wendy’s I remember on one occasion a Jamaican lady came to the station in tears begging to be handed over to immigration to be sent home she was brought to Antigua by Cheryl who promised her a job as a waitress at her establishment but on her arrival water her to prostitute and strip dance. THESE PEOPLE GO TO JAMAICA OR HAVE CONTACTS IN JAMAICA WHO PROMISE THESE WOMEN LEGITIMATE JOBS IN ANTIGUA AT TIMES PAYING FOR THEIR PASSAGE AND ON THEIR ARRIVAL THEIR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS ARE HELD BY THE EMPLOYER AND THEY’RE FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION IN ORDER TO REPAY THEIR TICKET DEBT AND MAKE PROFITS FOR THE OWNER. THE AUTHORITIES KNOW OF THIS IT’S NOT NEW NEWS. VERY VERY SAD.

      • Tap lie. Dem Jamaicans are whores and strippers back home. Nobody promise dem nuttn. They are accustomed to sell their bodies for little and nothing in Jamaica and jump at the chance to get paid in US dollars. All of dem know what they are getting into. Even the Jamaican men sell their bottom for phone and shoes.

        • Lastone your comments are so nasty and distasteful it is not even funny. F.Y.I. not all Jamaican are like that for u to say that just makes you look like a really stupid person.

          • Really? I lived in Jamaica and clearly remember I could not venture out in Broadway or Downs st Kingston and the Freeport area in Montego Bay without cheap hookers selling sex for 1500.00 Jamaican dollars about US 10.00 showing me their ‘product’ and soliciting sex. In Antigua they get 4 times more money for sex so you do the maths. Go to Popeshead street if you want to see nasty and distasteful.

        • Yow a who this b!tch yow shut the f*ck up and stop gwaan like everyother strippers don’t sell their body you xenophobic A HOLE, P HOLE……

          • We don’t suck our madda here only nasty Jamaicans have incestuous sex with their madda and daddy. Talking about your madda where you think you and jam rock madda get money to send ticket for you, at jam dung and Wendy’s on their knees so you betta go police station go look for the whore.

        • I lived there for four years and its true lots of women sell their bodies even the ones that have legitimate jobs, on week ends they would leave there homes and travel to the tourist districts and sell sex. So coming to Antigua and make five times as much is an easy decision for them. This is what they know its true.

      • Didn’t one well known attorney get off Cheryl Johnson on a technicality last time? And who is saying now there should be stiffer penalties?
        Ha Ha Ha! How soon we forget!

  1. There is truth in everything that has been said. Some girls are tricked into coming here to get a legitimate job, and then forced to dance and work. Others are well aware of what they have to do and willingly come to make the money. And the authorities are well aware of everything and the players involved.

    • I’ve spent time in Jamaica and it’s a very beautiful and naturally rich country, but the simple truth is that the exchange rate is just so messed up and there aren’t enough jobs for persons from the poorer communities. And most times the jobs that they do get are paying like $5000 to $6000 JM a week, that’s like $50 US. Nobody in Antigua could survive on $50 US a week. It’s unfortunate that so many of these girls end up in the clubs but the reality is that sex sells and always will, so some take the easy route. But at the same time there are lots of hard working Jamaicans who will always do an honest days work, and I can honestly say that Jamaicans are the hardest working set of people I have ever come across. Especially the vendors and hustlers on the streets. Dem wah try sell you anything. LOL. Everyday I would see big tough looking man walking round selling dresses. Don’t think I could walk up and down Market St selling dresses.

  2. Not all of sell our body you have decent people live there.many people go to other countries and we don’t what they do.please let us search our self.

  3. @Newsroom editors- How come you posted that comment by Lastone? Thats not fit to be read by humans.. No one has to wonder what the personality and the mind set of that person is like.Pure vagabond ignorant dunce.Please remove it..BTW LESTONE,I AM ANTIGUAN,but just thought that you should know your comment is quite distasteful..If you had nothing constructive to contribute you should have just stayed silent.Stupid.

    • JHA ya lie!!! Yall too love defend jamaicans in this country thats why they will always feel it’s right to do whatever they want here…dont be hypocritical…IDGAF and JAM ROCK in the same category….nah point no finger pan anybody cause this site is overloaded with “distasteful” comments….Alot fo them do infact come herefor the specific reason of selling their bodies not because they were promised anything better but for a better bargain of the flesh…..Lastone may have typed his/her comment with a passion but it’s just the sad truth….JHA I honestly believe u are a foreigner or u are decended from the popular nationality of the hookers thats why u are offended and ignored the comments of the obvious jamaicans…

  4. Jamaicans please don’t get offended by the comments especially the good ones. ….we know they have some very nice Jamaicans but usually would ask are u sure u are Jamaican. …..I am a Antiguan and I would not date a Antiguan woman they are just not dateable they love multiple men while in a relationship. …would not recommend this….

  5. Smdh , M . .Percel if I should address u Antigua has loving women maybe u was just not lucky to find one search urself nd for u laston wa ever ur an ASS with all capital letters how can 10 be 1500 ja $ its not all come to sell nd bwt ja alone have stripers we have local one’s also wats the difference ?????

  6. Plenty local prostitutes here but u won’t find them at jam dung or Wendy’s, my point is every country have its good and bad but it’s like the good is suffering for the bad right now

      • They need to filter and choose what comments they post to the public.. I would not even dignify some of the responses to me with an answer.. I would not waste time arguing with a Goat,it simply has no sense..


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