Barbuda lawyers mull re-applying for injunction against airport


Lawyers for the two Barbudans who want to stop the construction of the Barbuda International Airport have reacted to a decision of the Court of Appeal to lift the injunction on the construction of the airport.

Leslie Thomas QC said: “The Eastern Caribbean Court of Justice simply concluded that the injunction application needs to be heard again. We are considering re-applying for an injunction to stop construction of the airport in the absence of any robust safeguards to minimise environmental damage to the sensitive ecosystems and rare ancient forests around this site. 7,100 feet of once virgin forest has already been slashed to make way for the airport, despite major delays in the return of basic essential services to the island following Hurricane Irma a year ago.

We maintain that the construction of the airport appears to have been carried out without lawful planning permission and without an adequate Environmental Impact Assessment. The High Court of Antigua & Barbuda has already granted us permission to consider our case at a judicial review hearing on 26 September 2018. Until then, we call on the Government and the developers to desist from carrying out any further construction on the airport”.


    • They got a lucky bucket and even though its been revoked they now think they are Michael Jordon. We move forward no time to waste with those losers who are enemies of progress

  1. Go for it, stick to your guns. Don’t let a technicality stop your very correct pursuit of protecting Barbuda from these scofflaws.

  2. What a set of fools, trying to stop an Airport , talking about environment when everyone can clearly see it’s political, get going you lying fools, something so important these mess up every where they go


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