AG Says Forensic Lab Coming


Legal Affairs Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin disclosed today that EC$ 2 million has been set aside for the construction of the country’s very own forensic lab.

Benjamin who is also Attorney General says the country has “suffered over the years where bits of evidence sent overseas for testing takes years to get back to Antigua.”

“That will be something of the past,” the minister assured.

Benjamin told the launch of the Sexual Offences Model Court that a forensic evidence unit will also be established.

“We also will have very shortly a forensic evidence unit designed specifically to make certain that evidence is not contaminated and that we are able to present them in a timely manner before Justice Morley in your court.”

Samples from crime scenes now have to be sent abroad for processing. The process is both lengthy and expensive, according to the government.

Minister Benjamin says officers are being trained to manage and run the unit.

He did not indicate where the facility will be constructed nor when it will start.


  1. Would it not make better sense to work with other islands throughout the region in setting this up and sharing and funding it? There is a history of islands trying to do their own thing which end up in failure due to major resources something like this requires. Recall in SLU they did this and evidence provided by the lab there had to be discarded due to them being handled inappropriately. They have now been reopened but has issues finding the technical staff needed. At the end of the day, this is simply one of the things we need to do collaboratively with our neighbors

  2. Mr. PM you need to start having more persons that are not police officers to be train overseas in the field of forensic science. Most lab around the world the forensic scientist that work in these lab are not police officers. Yes, the police officers will need to have a fundamental and intermediate training course in the forensic science as part of their police training.

  3. Government cannot even upkeep and maintain the police stations here much more to find, upkeep and maintain a forensic lab. This is nothing but a good sound bite and a PR stunt. Our politicians usually come up with sweet sounding nothing which never really see the light of day. I know the many police officers would welcome the repair and refurbishment of the deplorable police stations, from headquarters, to St.Johns to all the satellite stations. It is a disgrace to see the condition of them all. The OECS would be better advised to share a lab and since one is already established in St. Kitts, we should all be contributing towards it and utilizing it. To me, that would make more sense.

  4. Antigua is not specialized or experienced enough to take on such a venture. A couple of days, weeks or months sitting in a training room will not make them Forensic Scientists who’s findings can either send you to jail or keep you out of it.

  5. Fyi. Antigua presently has many trainned individuals who are more than qualified in the field of forensics. Both officers and civilians alike. So saying a couple of days weeks or months is not gonna make one qualified is non relavant. I’ll have u know. These individuals poses from first degree to one actually persusing a doctorate in the field.


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