LETTER: Is Shuggy… the Satan talking about sin?


Dear Editor,

Shuggy is a person I have always admired. I think he is a cool, calm & collective person who is always neatly attired. However, during this political season his whole disposition is one that has attracted many questions. Of course, when you lie with dogs you rise with their fleas.

Interestingly, whenever I see Shuggy on the political platform trying to win the hearts of many as he articulate his plans that he has for the St. Mary’s South constituency, the cliche    ” A fool will eventually laugh after his own folly..” comes to mind.

It is very evident that the swing of things are getting into high gear for the bi-election in the St. Mary’s South constituency. Tempers are flaring while names are been maligned and Shuggy is no exception getting caught up in the frey, casting aspertions that his political opponent Dwayne George is a Judas.

I will admit that hearing such aspertíons coming from Shuggy confuses me and it leaves me to wonder as to why Shuggy should go down that road. Is it a case that Satan is talking about sin? The bible even states those without sin cast the first stone.

I am now forced to ask, has Shuggy ever spent any time to look in a mirror and carry out an inspection of that person that he sees in the mirror?

At the same time, I would suggest to Shuggy to take a few minutes from his so called busy schedule and read Jeremiah 2:19. THINE OWN WICKEDNESS SHALL CORRECT THEE, AND THY BACKSLIDINGS SHALL REPROVE THEE.

The betrayal of man is one thing but the betrayal of God is even worst. It seems to me that Shuggy has forgotten that he was once a Ley preacher which simply meant, that he had once made a serious covenant between himself & God. Does that covenant still exist?

Now, let us not forget that it has been perceived that Mr. Cortwright Marshall & Mr. Dwayne George were both figuratively stabbed in their back by Shuggy, in order to get where he is now. It was Shuggy who join with his UPP renegades to push Cortwright Marshall & Dwayne George aside, just to get his political asperations appeased.

We all know, that when Dwayne was a part of the UPP camp, his value was overlooked. Shuggy knows that Dwayne was the best person in line from the UPP camp to be the next candidate to vie for the SMS constituency representative.

Shuggy knows that he was no match to Dwayne both intellectually & educationally. Shuggy knows that Dwayne is much smarter than him and one that thinks out of the box. Shuggy also knows that Dwayne was the nucleus & architect of all campaigns over the years in the SMS constituency for the UPP party. Dwayne was also an extremely hard worker and had a great bond with the SMS constituents.

It is sad that because of Shuggy’s deception that Dwayne ended up at the back of UPP’s bus. However, Shuggy should know better and that there is a GOD WHO NAR SLEEP….HE ALWAYS PROVIDES A WAY..

When one door closes another opens! Shuggy is now seeing that the stone (Dwayne) that the builder (UPP) refused is now becoming the head corner stone.. It is badmind & the lack of vision & foresight on UPP’s behalf why Dwayne saw it fitting to jump off the sinking UPP ship and now become an arrow that is piercing Shuggy’s heart. Again GOD NAR SLEEP!

Dwayne George is all about empowering the people of the St. Mary’s South constituency to make their standard of living be improved and their skills be marketable locally & beyond our shores.

Finally, I will definitely join with Shuggy to share the sentiments that ” when one wishes bad of others, a ditch need to be dug for two ” but Shuggy must be reminded that whatever he spits up in the air may fall back into his face if he does not change his deceiptful ways.

Shuggy needs to bear in mind that Simple minds like his, malign people

Average minds dicuss events and

Great minds like Dwayne George discusses great ideas.











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  1. Are you saying that Dwayne is Jesus? Be careful. Pride comes before the fall.

    That verse is in reference of Jesus only. Jesus is the Cornerstone, NOT Dwayne.

    The 24th is coming fast and that day God will demonstrate who He is choosing as the leader for St. MS.

    • That writer is an ass hole real jackass they can go fuck themselves they cant even say who they are hiding behind the door fuckers them be just like Dwayne

      • @ Sean Ottley:

        A people like are you why UPP and Apostle Shugy can’t get de reigns of govt again in Antigua.

        Are you vocab is limited and a you spelling & pronunciation of words is despicable.

        UPP has no leadership qualities whatsoever!! With ABLP it is LEADERSHIP & GOOD REPRESENTATION that MATTERS Mr. Sean Ottley!

    • Thank you for that well written educated response. Calling someone Satan is bad enough, but when your backyard is dirty you should not try cleaning someone else before you clean your own.

    • @Be Careful

      CORTWRIGHT MARSHALLwas shoved aside and trampled by Lovell for the INSANE CARNIVALL MASCOT. God don’t like ugly. You see wah happen to Lovell after all dem BADPLAY he hit Richard Lewis and Joanne Massiah? Then you add in the kung-fu he and BACKSLIDDEN SHUGY hit CORTWRIGHT MARSHALL. Dem can’t meet good. CORTWRIGHT will have the last laugh!!!

    • @BE CAREFUL, I do not know if the winner will be someone picked by God. You know us humans, we tend to follow our own path and not the one God gave us freewill to pick, the right path.

      But I do agree we should always follow God’s path.

  2. Is Fitzroy wan battyman? Carz e look like he want fu dig up inna Shugy arse. Only battyman ride oddah man so. Fitzroy, that’s how you’re coming across to people outside of ANU. Get a life, bruv. 😜

  3. Fitzroy, that’s an impressive piece you’ve reportedly authored for the ABLP. You all are going to great lengths to try to secure this seat. It’s astounding the lengths you’ll go to in order to maintain power. Gaston knows that losing this seat, once again, will bring him one step closer to completely losing power in the country.

  4. APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON was a PREACHER in the NAZARENE CHURCH. He reminds me of Jonah running from God. No wonder so much chaos and confusion following him. Not until Jonah got tossed overboard that the storm was calmed. APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON went all the way to NAZARENE Bible school in Trinidad, but now he choose to tek off he shirt and fete. Tell APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON fu tap play warri with God.

  5. Dwayne George the Man they were begging not to leave because they have no substance in their party Dwayne for SMS

  6. The people will decide whom shall lead them. All the noises of betrayal are inconsequential when one has to consider the viability of both candidates. Who will have the power and ability to get things done in the community? “Force mek wartah go up hill” The current administration will make it their business to prioritize SMS as this only a by-election. They would wish to retain this seat in the next general elections. Don’t you think that they will continue to make sure that this constituency is well care for under their representative, if elected?
    Young people of SMS should think about that.
    All the best for a safe and seamless process on Oct 24, 2023.
    God bless Antigua and Barbuda. 🇦🇬

    • Well cared for like Rural East? And City West? And City South? Then SMS better run fast and far from the ALP Government.

    • Well well well Dave. Please point out something to me, that shows that SMS was ” well care for” under ABLP, When Samantha was the representative.

  7. where is shoogy WIFE? she lose the baby fat yet? Only then he might go back to she

    SMS don’t want representative tht can’t even read properly….🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿…where’s the pride…🤦🏿🤦🏿




    Party animal, jet-setting using constituency allowance $$$ SHAME & DISGRACE!
    Fly to Canada to watch Colette and old white man play-play wedding. Poor Don!
    immigration wedding is big bizniz eh

    • Why is the lady’s marriage a problem 😕 And ABLP people love to talk about UPP people getting personal, y’all hide behind a bunch of fake names on here commenting alot of BS! When the PM made a error in spelling it was a mistake but someone didn’t pronounced a word properly and they are dunce! You sound like a real idiot behind a screen smh

      • @Spice

        Shoogs can’t even spell PREDICTIVE TEXT. He not accustom to be in contact with other prime ministers like St. Lucian Phillip J. “P-I-E-R-R-E”

        The gorilla-body lady marriage is not a problem. She always on Facebook getting personal and cussing anyone who calls out her brother for his ILLEGAL NOMINATION.

        You think that a real marriage or a “citizenship marriage” Take a good look at the hospice-case “groom”. You would marry he too? But why the meego man Sookie don’t get his money yet. You think she can come back to vote and re-eneter CAnada?

        6 months of constituency allowance and NOT A THING SHUGY DID TO SHOW FOR IT. What you think he used the $12000 to do???????????????????


        • Y’all are concerned about the wrong things now who this lady owe is a problem now also🤣🤣 I find y’all to be very unfair because y’all back who you want and chat alot of BS on fb and that lady shouldn’t defend her Brother?? Make it make sense please 🤔 How much people go away and get advantage for papers? Atleast the woman happy and she husband lob she!
          Y’all priorities really messed up, that’s why I can’t and would never support ABLP because y’all are messed up and dirty like the PM

    • You are sounding very personal. Is Shugy the only man who was married & trying to make a difference for the community He Loves? Think about yourself & the lufe you sre l8vibg abd leave Shuggy’s wife out of this

  8. One man stop Shuggy from going to Miami for Carnival this year is Senator Dwayne George 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    • How about the Votes that your PM said that he transferred to help some of his ministers win their seats. Have you forgotten that one

  9. Dwayne George is the best choice for St. Mary’s South.

    Shuggy can jump high
    And he can jump low
    Come the 24th of this month
    Preacher Bowy Shuggy must get blow!!

    • @ Bluddy Bloke, Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon will again WIN St Mary’s South, just to quiet the ABLP mouth:

      Dwayne George can show all he muscle
      Meanwhile Shugy doesn’t need to hustle
      And come 24th of October
      Muscle man George will get blown over!!! 😁

  10. How can a sodomite and gomrorite judge?
    The fear of truth and the love of corruption will always be one’s destruction

  11. Vote ABLP Candidate Dwayne George for St. Mary’s South, he is a man with integrity, trustworthy, competent, committed to empowering the people and serving the constituency with dignity .

    • @ Big Tune, I bet you didn’t think that about Dwayne George when he was affiliated to the UPP?


  12. This Fitzboy must be one of those like Tanny, who are being heftily rewarded with $9k and more every month, for doing just what he’s doing now. Let’s take it as a given that Dwayne George is all that he has outlined; the fact is; like Colin,Lammin,Winston,Donna and the others, they have been proven to be dangerously dishonest, treacherous, wicked and low-minded,to the extent that The ALP scouts immediately identified and snatched them and held them to the bosom. The hard-core labourites are now being replaced by them. Every last one of them has described NERO as the most despicable person ever to be born in Antigua. Colin had a Thursday show on Crudader called Land Dayon, that highlighted the wheelings and dealings of NERO, whom he called Lany Bozo. For those who want to know who Boboy was, ask Colin. The UPP was scratching the bottom of the barrel and found only a drug pusher. Lammin fired back from a political platform to alert NERO that he was only there to witness the burial of the ALP and NERO himself. Winston called the ALP a gang of thieves and vagabonds but quickly apologized after he was accused of embezzling millions on fencing and toilets for the sporting facilities. while Donna outlined that she could never ever support anyone who stole from the people and that’s why she could never be an ALP member. She penned a letter to Mr. Lovell that would’ve made him feel like an emperor, and even sang a seductive piece to Serpent. Dwane’s story is days old so it’s still infront of us.Incidentally all these people have found their true calling. Their nefarious talents weren’t being utilized by the UPP so they answered to NERO’s invitation to Com Raid.

  13. I applaud you Fitzroy for bringing this across in such a factual and relateble manner. I am a young Antiguan and Dwayne George is my choice. While the nearsayers continue to criticize and speak ludicrously of what shuggy has done, and of what he is going to do, I will be like an eagle and stay above the fray.

    • What is a “nearsayer?”, please enlighten me @ Dwayne. As an ardent ‘Wordsmith’, I am absolutely flummoxed.

      I have heard of ‘NAYSAYERS (and I’m sure that is what you intended to write).

      However, each and everyday I am beginning to understand why Gassssston Browne has been in power for so long if he has followers like yourself.

      MY BAD … 😁

      P.S. Hopefully, you are not old enough to vote!

  14. We voting DWAYNE and call it GEORGE!
    DWAYNE GEORGE – a humble, Caring, Committed, COMPETENT Representative!

  15. the people deserve honest member of Parliament. GOD-FEARING man who dont turn he back on God………respect God respect the people, love the people. ex-Apostle Kelvin he changed for the worse….used to serve God now dancing with Satan kingdom

    nazarene dont mess with Alcohol dont gamble dont jump up in carnival…..pray he change he ways. he dont suit politics. he living for the flesh, not good. very bad example for youth n other ppl

    “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62

      • @Spice

        “Ye shall know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:20

        ex-apostle Kelvin Simon PUBLICLY display he fruits for all to see at jouvert and LAst Lap. he not hiding. not judging/guessing because de facts and evidence he post online for all to see. what about he wedding vows? he keeping that covenant he make in de sight of Jesus?

  16. Asot money make you “won” the fluke of a seat in SMS in january #SecurityCameraFootage

    Bank of DRY HILL dry up this time around
    Bank of DRY HILL withdraw it support right now
    Bank of DRY HILL close down de account

    maybe insane carnival can sponsor some feathers and panty shorts for the clown suit dis time around.


  18. The Dry Hill Bank Close when them reach n the teller said they already have an elected ABLP Government where are u guys going bai

  19. Politics in Antigua smells like the old shlt cart as it picks up💩💩💩💩poop from latrines! These days that same smell is coming out of the mouth of ABLP supporters, their perspiration, their shanked dicks which occupies each other assholes – the men and most of all their headquarters built on Lady Nugent Burial ground. Fitzroy the fag is their flag bearer and drum majorette.

  20. Dunce Fitzroy, do you know that the first Premier and PM of Antigua and Barbuda, Vere Cornwall Bird went to train in Trinidad to be a Minister/Officer for his church the Salvation Army? He completed his training and was assigned to a church in Trinidad where he only stayed for one month before resigning. He returned to Antigua and went right into politics. Where do you think he got the word ‘COMRADES’ from? Members of Salvation Army are called COMRADES, dunce Fitzroy. You can jump high and jump low, Dwayne a go get plenty, plenty blow! Shugy all the way DUNCE FITZROY!

  21. The real question is whether what is written is true or false. I realize that some people follow blindly and others will throw truth and facts aside to follow a candidate. Did Shuggy went (behind Cartwright Marshall back with a petition to have Lovell give )him a chance because he couldn’t win a primary? Are these all lies or some people conscience just gone.

    • allegedly shuggy was telling that cortwright had cancer. he joined upp in 2017 and begged lovell to put him on the slate for 2018. Can u imagine? Shuggy tell Alison Bramble on ZDK that he tried SEVERAL TIMES to become the candidate. He badplay Cortwright Marshall and de no-good Lovell used the infamous “VETO POWER” and blocked Cortwright. No wonder lovell cant meet good. And just watch the confusion that follow the party animal since then and worse he turn his back on God, preaching then winking up for insane mas troupe…….Anyway even tho he wont publicly endorse Dwayne, best believe Cortwright Marshall WILL NOT VOTE FOR BACKSTABBING SHUGGY!!!!!!

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