LETTER: Help. I can’t get a vendor’s permit


Dear Editor,

I am  writing to you for some help here, and for my situation to reach to the public’s eyes.

I am a native of Jamaica and a citizen of Antigua. I am an entrepreneur who caters natural local juices and fruit cocktails.

I vend my products to worksites and business places in and around St Paul’s, St John’s, St George’s and St Mary’s mainly but go the lengths and width to accommodate my customers. I am also a licensed business owner.

My situation is I have gone to St. Johns Development Corporation to acquire a vendors permit to sell in the city.

I have been to the office on numerous occasions and this is about a five-years span to obtain such document and was told by all who I have spoken with that they are not issuing any new permits.

The lady in charge that is based in the heritage quay head office told me even though illegal vendors are vending, they allowed them to vend  but no new permits for now.

I am walking around in the Bend Down Flea Market to sell and was stopped on numerous occasions that I can’t sell my products inside even though I am not occupying a spot am just going from stall to stall to sell my fruits and juices, some of which are ordered by customers.

I would only spend a merely 15 to 20 minutes in the flea market then unto the road to the food market.

I am really concerned as to why I have been prohibited to sell in the flea market and I can’t get a vendor’s permit from the authorities.

What is it that need to be done? I am truly concerned.

I even have a receipt of over charge by an inspector to operate from my car on the sidewalk that should be a $15 or $10 fee but I was charged $20 because of maliciousness, because I make noise of my situation to the inspector I am now facing with all kind of obstacles by a few of them.

I just need to get a permit or simply passage to operate my business without obstacles.

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  1. @ Vendor

    Well people like you come to this country and vote this evil and wicked ABLP government into power, depriving naturally born Antiguans the opportunity to vote for a party that cares for the people.
    Then the ABLP supporters and minions charading about talking about they are the party for foreigners and that the opposition do not like foreigners.
    I wish you the best.

  2. How many places you want to vend? I read 4 places that you’re already vending + license buisness owner. Give other people a chance to make a living too. I don’t think the city is short of people selling local drinks.

  3. And I can’t get a drop of APUA water, over a week now and I didn’t vote fuh anybaddy. No rain, catchments running low, laundry to be done. Kitchen garden to be watered. What the hell is going on? Are we waiting for an outbreak or something? Is there any minister who can out of the goodness of his/her heart, drop off a blue drum of water for me please? Surrounded by water but not a drop to drink and I can’t afford to buy none.

  4. There is a problem in Antigua. Why let in no nationals with no skills to walk around selling things? Not only non nationals, but other people walking around selling. How do we know these people meet the health standards. I personally don’t buy locally made drinks because I don’t know how clean the water is they use because I had diarrhea once for days after drinking local drinks.

  5. He sound like he voted for the ABLP.

    These are the type of people that keep Gaston Browne in power forever and a day, leaving the autochthonous Antiguans picking up the fiscally pieces from our nose diving economy, and terrible infrastructure.

    Why doesn’t our Prime Minister appeal to engineers, mathematicians, teachers, doctors, scientists etc etc.

    I’ll tell you why?

    They would never vote for this wasteful government.

  6. @ Brixtonian. Speaking as an educated proud black Caribbean woman, married to an equally educated ANTIGUAN, why then are the educated ANTIGUANS voting for the ALP? Why are the Syrians and Chinese voting forg the ALP? So, are you classing educated Antiguans, with non-educated black non-nationals? Every corner in Antigua has a Syrian or Chinese restaurant..how do you know their health status? It’s xenophobic crap like this that hurts the other side, and actually have people like us way down at the bottom of the totem pole. I wonder if there are any Antiguans selling in Europe or North America. I wonder if the Americans feel the same way. Have no fear.. Haven’t you notice that non nationals support non nationals?? Stuuuups

    • The reason that I continually highlight the ongoing issues that persist in this country is because we deserve much better governance.

      The 50 odd years of Birdism and Browneism should have seen a vast improvement in Antigua & Barbuda.

      If you say “Educated Antiguans” are happy with the ABLP keeping things the way as they are, then sadly you are as much to blame for our terrible roads; lack of a decent island wide water system; accountability regarding NAMCO and CIP.

      If, as you mention, that you and your educated husband voted for more of same, could you please explain to the rest of us as to why?

      And whilst I’m here, what’s your take on the government’s collaboration with Nigerian Airline fiasco and the displaced Africans strolling around the country?



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