Isaac says withdrawal of contracts and concessions amounts to punishing contractors for Administration’s poor management


REAL NEWS: Chairperson of the United Progressive Party D. Gisele Isaac has challenged the management of contracts and concessions by the Gaston Browne Administration.

Speaking on Twin Island Media’s Wake Up Call show on Wednesday, Isaac accused Browne, the minister of finance, of poorly managing the assignment of contracts from the get-go.

She was commenting on Browne’s declaration, in the Budget Presentation, that contracts awarded by the Public Works Department, Central Board of Health, and National Solid Waste Management Authority will be overhauled, because of Government’s inability to meet the financial obligations.

Isaac believes the abrupt withdrawal of contracts amounts to punishment of contractors for the Administration’s own failures. Having provided labour, goods and services to the Government, she says, it appears that the people are now to be “rewarded” with the loss of any future work.

Regarding the Government’s plans to suspend concessions, Isaac

maintains that the UPP has always advocated judicious management of these, so that there are returns for the people.

She notes that the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority was specifically created for the purpose of handling concessions and that these incentives were always commensurate with the level of investment.

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  1. The DEAD DARG contract should be withdraw too??

    10 trucks listed on a single invoice to pick up just 1 dead darg per day

    • As you seem to know about darg, tell us how many trucks, backhoes, excavators and concrete mixers the Top Darg has in the system. It’s been said that whenever it raining, the workers are asked to stay at home but all the equipment are still paid. Maybe they are all automated.

  2. Sorry Gisele. May I inform you. It’s not just about poor management. It’s another “Bait and switch”. The elections are over, it’s time for another season of raping poor people. You can’t win the good management bad management argument.
    The Caribbean and Latin America is a dog-eat-dog culture. Having a university on island will not alleviate poverty. There are two passports in Antigua and Barbuda. Getting a green card is the passport out of poverty. Or winning the lottery with Gods passport
    Guyana as less than one million people, and over two million abroad. Antigua has 65,000 people of African descent and they are at the bottom of the barrel. What wrong with that picture when the people with Gods passport gets most of the economic benefits.
    There is a structural and cultural problem in this society, where mismanagement is just a biproduct.

  3. When the shoe of running govt was on her foot not a word was heard…… now that the shoe is off, the decibels of her voice tends to be extremely loud.. Is Giselle missing something???

    • @Bluddy Bloke

      Shut u dam mouth……the woman is right in speaking out for the small man.

      Obviously you are not affected because you are a WELL PAID MINION.

  4. The government don’t pay these contractors anyway. So it will be better for the contractors . I don’t understand how people work for 2 to three years without getting paid. This government is so wicked to the contract and only the few get paid . They one that Antiguans praise for sponsoring everything- sports , Carnival what ever they sponsor – they get great mileage from our own money. They are overpaid , no tendering process as Asot said. Baba black H too and Louis.
    See the top dogs from PWD in their business places frequent . Then the treasury workers also join in and as they call it work with the program. You will see the black Antiguan contractors standing in treasury for hours upon hours , for days , week after week. The white Serían contractors are met outside by treasury workers with their checks.
    One particular PS built an entire building out of PWD. From foundation to paint. Materials and workmanship. The big contractors supply almost everything. Antigua is a corrupt country.
    The poor getting poorer. I saw a lady crying I’m the treasury once . She is a seamstress and did clothes for the uniform program. Four years she used up her little saving to purchase materials. Thinking it was an opportunity for her little business. Yet the handed Mr.Kool , Black h and the brothers millions every month and not a broad dollar note for the poor lady .
    These same top dog contractors hand the paper bags with cash. The same cash was was used to buy votes . CORRUPTION.
    Not talking about the amount of equipment these politicians own and operate in the government system. Wicked set of people.

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