Exclusion of Pringle from delegation attending King Charles’ coronation is seen as a snub to His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition


REAL NEWS: Some residents are up in arms that the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is not a member of the contingent that has travelled to England to witness the coronation of King Charles III and his wife, Camilla, as king and queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms.

The grand ceremony is expected to take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6, and Antigua and Barbuda has sent what many persons consider a “large” contingent to the historic event.

Present will be Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams, the king’s local representative, and his wife, Sandra Lady Williams, as well as Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his wife, MP Maria Browne.

A team from the Police and Defence Forces and a contingent comprising NGOs and civil servants will also attend the coronation.

However, missing from this list is Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle, who, reportedly, did not receive an invitation to the momentous event.

Accordingly, a number of people have expressed anger and disappointment over what they perceive as a snub to, and disregard for, the Opposition Bench.

Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party caretaker for St. John’s City South, says it is a shame that the leader of the opposition is being treated in this way.

He is aggrieved that other persons have been selected to go on what he calls a free trip with taxpayers’ money, while His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition deliberately has been left out of the sizeable local contingent.

If Pringle was deliberately left out of the delegation because of partisan politics, deFreitas says, this situation should be made into a big issue.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96, her son Charles acceded to the throne and succeeded her as monarch of the United Kingdom.

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  1. Once it is this PM in charge of the money, UPP representatives and supporters will be last to receive any benefits from said monies. The only way that will change is if all Antiguans regardless of which party they support says that’s not how tax payers money should be spent. After all, UPP representatives and supporters pays taxes too. However, too many of the Kool aid people agrees with whatever the PM does.
    We have a spiteful individual as the leader of the country — he is majorly butt hurt that they are so many UPP representatives in the parliament.
    So, get used to the UPP constituencies being ignored, neglected and or dealt with last when it comes to anything that’s of benefit.

  2. Look at this way Mr Jamale Pringle, let mi give you joke.

    At this moment in time, there are 1000s of dignitaries, elites and royal sycophants (and don’t forget the amount of police and military in attendance) travelling just to see a royal scrounger SIT ON A CHAIR AND PUT ON A HAT. 🤣🤣🤣

    How absurd!

    And also remember, these lickspittlers are meant to be so worried about CLIMATE CHANGE – give Brixtonian a break. Hypocrites!

    Mr Pringle, you are better staying here in Antigua looking out for your fellow citizens in preparation for future governance sir.

  3. Jus like how ELECTION done and UPP MINISTER’S tht got elected won seats by land slide forget bout Dem LOYAL CAMPAIGNERS,AH JUS SO DEM NAH MEMBER U PRINGLE

  4. 2000 kilos
    450 Llb a Lead ( PbO)
    Save you Strength Pringle
    Won’t Miss a Mingle
    Birds 🐦 of a Feather
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    Read my UPP ” LIP”

  5. He would fall asleep 😴 💤


  6. Why everything in this country has to be politisize ? What is the big deal that the Opposition leader wasn’t part of the contingent ? What is interesting , are their any other loyal opposition leaders attending the ceremony? If so , guess the nation will oblidge.

  7. I am aware that Antigua is 108 square miles. It is a very small Island. Could that be one of the reasons. Why many of our minds are also small. We need to get away from those low levels of thinking. I think it is very disrespectful not to invite the Leader of the Opposition to the Coronation of the King.After all,those who are on that journey. They are doing so on the funds of the Taxpayers. Small Island,Small Minded Leader.

  8. Why would anyone invite Pringle he can hardly speak, what an embarrassment he would be.

  9. The snubbing of the opposition leader is a clear indication that the PM and the GG are petty minded individuals, they are scums and are not worth losing sleep over.

    Brixtonian, has already said it, the Coronation is an overated pagan practice that tax payers are having to fund. There are more important issues one should be engaged in than appearing at a ceremony that has no significance in today’s society.

    It remains to be seen what voice the PM will used to advocate for the removal of the Monarchy as our head of state.

    Hopefully the International Polce will used the opportunity and place Gaston under arrest for human trafficking.

  10. I agree with you @ Brixtonian completely. Pringle needs to stay as far away from Gaston Browne et al as possible. Do you think the world is un aware of the goings on in Antigua? Do we dare believe that the world does not know that this clown is perhaps the most corrupt leader in the western hemisphere? Nothing escapes the probe of the US, Canada and the UK, because their shores are the ultimate destination of these Africans. He sits in our leadership office because Antiguans are selfish and corruptible. These incompetent ALP folks should have been chased resoundingly from office after 8 years of suffering, poverty and mismanagement of all government resources, but alas, these are perilous times, and men are indeed lovers of themselves.

  11. “Murder, rape, ­pillage, famine, partition and exploitation. These are the legacy of the British Empire that the late queen Elizabeth II ruled over.

    And, it’s thanks to these horrors that the Royal Family live in exuberant wealth—their reign built on the backs of those they enslaved and colonised. Britain ruled the waves with economic deprivation and repressive penal codes that stripped native people of any rights. And the echoes of this rule shape the world today.

    The empire grew mighty on stealing jewels, cultural and historic items, land and people from over a quarter of the world for hundreds of years. These crimes have not been atoned for.

    The legacy of slavery thrives across Britain. The £80 billion made from the suffering of 3.5 million people transported from Africa was used to build vast estates, cities and companies that still function today.”

  12. I am a supporter and a big fan of Pringle. I don’t know what is the problem with him not being selected to go yo English. Firstly we are following the British Parliamentary system where-by the ruling party takes All the spoils. Secondly why would he want to be traveling with those disrespectful people anyway and thirdly why would a black Panther want to go and kiss the slave owners butt.
    You are far better off in Antigua with your own people.

  13. I am now fully convinced that something is wrong with black people. This king man refused to accept his daughter-in-law, with two ounces of black blood in her, yet we are wasting money to go pay homage to her. A question. Germany had to pay the Jews. Why is it that not a blank man or nation has yet to be compensated for slavery? What is wraaaang with us?

  14. Sungu no better than Lungu?
    UPP needs to stop all this talk about how the GG and Gaston leave out Pringle from the delegation.

    See the big difference between UPP and ALP. And it is this difference that makes ALP the ruling party and not the UPP, and like Gaston says that is forever and ever.

    If it was the other way around, ALP would have made a big fuss and let the whole country know how spiteful and badminded UPP is. Gaston would have threatened to write to the King and to the British ambassador and protest. He would have really made a political stink about it.

    Look at what we get from UPP? Days later you hear speculation about whether Pringle was invited or not. Meantime not a word from Pringle.

    And every UPP supporter is on Crusader crying and moaning about how badminded Labour is, and plenty talking and all of them want people to feel sorry for Pringle because he did not get to go and show arf heself in front of King Charles like the top dog and Pixie.
    And that is the difference between Sungu and Lungu.
    Sungu? no guts, no fire, no balls, no fight, no political will.
    NO REGRETS!!!!

    The tight bras and panties in the UPP squeezing the politics out of the man and dem in that party. It is pitiful.

  15. The more you guys comment, the more you show your ignorance of protocols. When heads of states are invited, they do not invite the leader of the opposition. Caricom heads had one time suggested to do so, but that idea was dropped quickly. Gaston Browne is the elected leader of Antigua and Barbuda, not Mr. Pringle. The leaders of the opposition don’t go to the UN either. Have some sense a little bit. Don’t let the world see how dumb you guys really are.

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