DOMINICA: Main opposition boycotts general election


Statement by the United Workers Party On Announcement by the Prime Minister on the Holding of General Elections

The United Workers Party views with disappointment and dismay the pronouncement by the Prime Minister to hold a “snap” General Election on December 6, 2022.

This call for national elections is seen as an outrage to all Dominicans, especially the residents of the East of the country who were reeling under the impact of a natural disaster.   On the night when the country was expected to hear the Prime Minister lead the call to support those affected, Mr. Skerrit decided to place his personal interest ahead of the country.

This announcement must be condemned by all Dominicans as an affront to our democracy and an insult to our people.   Dominicans cannot be asked at this time to participate in another national election without meeting at least two basic election standards:

  1. A clean Voters List reflecting the persons who can legally vote; and
  2. National ID Cards available to all the legitimate voters.

The Caribbean Court of Justice, the APEX court of this country, in a written Decision that in its opinion “…there remains areas of grave concerns about how the process of these elections (2019 General Elections) was conducted.  Future Elections in Dominica ought not to proceed with these or similar taints…”

At the end of the 2019 General Elections, the Imminent Jurist, Justice Sir Dennis Byron was engaged by Skerrit’s Cabinet as a sole Commissioner to present the necessary amendments to our laws to Reform the Electoral Process.

Over the past months, the United Workers Party has been in constant dialogue with Sir Byron who informed the Party of his intentions to expedite the presentation of his recommendations.

Since Mr. Skerrit has another two and a half years remaining on his current mandate as Prime Minister and sufficient time to implement the long-awaited reform of the electoral process, then there are no justifiable reasons why he should be calling a “Snap Election” other than an abuse of power.

In the circumstances therefore, the United Workers Party has taken a decision not to participate in this fraudulent Election and therefore calls on His Excellency Charles A. Savarin, the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica to revoke the calling of election by the Prime Minister.

We are convinced that the Electoral Reform as demanded by the Dominican population is needed to facilitate free and fair Elections in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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  1. I can bet your bottom dollar, that Gaston “Can’t Mek Up He Mind” Browne is watching this developing situation in Dominica 🇩🇲 with keen interest.

    I would, if I was Gassy …

  2. So one party going into an election woooo. Then again if the opposition is so strong , take part in the election , win, then you carry out the reforms. just a thought.

  3. @ Sad but True

    And in the mean time Frantz is organising Welding classes and Solar Installation classes for the young and the not – so – young so as to help the citizens of this country

    • 88888 that will NOT translate to actual votes. Same goes for the UPP “pull up” $5 beer-and-wait-for-change-from-a-$20

  4. D Opposition in Dominica ah goon like some pussy I sure there 16 thoseand plus susporters will be very disappointed to hear that jus show they are not ready to run d country

  5. FRANZ DEFREITAS is NOT Qualified to run in the 2023. Franz declared BANKRUPT and ran away from paying TAXES in the U.S.A. We are waiting until after NOMINATION day to go the court to DISQUALIFY FRANZ. When is the UPP will present CREDIBLE Candidates and NOT MURDERES , RAPPISTS and others with CRIMINAL RECORDS. so , there are others on UPP ticket We shall expose.

    • Are you sure all of Franz debts weren’t discharged due to his bankruptcy fillings?

    • @INGRAM:If someone from Antigua declares Bankruptcy in another Country. What the hell does it matter to Antigua and running for Political Office. There is nothing in the Constitution to prevent that from happening. So do not come on here and say ignorant crap. For stupidity is an earthly gift. Just hoping you did not get most of it.
      There is a lawyer in Antigua. He is a Senior Member of this Administration. He signed a letter certifying the identity of a person. That proved to be not true. Two persons who were involved were sent to Prison. That same Lawyer held on to his Client’s money for years. The Lady from Switzerland had to sue him to get her money from the sale of her property in Jolly Harbor. That person is the Administration’s top Lawyer. Do you know who is that person?

  6. If he ran away as you claim @Ingram, upon his return to the U.S would the IRS not have pursued him? America is no cartoon country like Antigua. When owed, the IRS is relentless. These personal attacks are so lame and antiquated. Since you are obviously a Labourite, tell us who on the current ALP ticket is competent? From top to bottom, they have dragged this country into the worst state it has ever been. Every government department is in chaos, in spite of the billions that have been collected or borrowed. Speak to that and forget the personal, ineffective attempts at character assination.

  7. @ Watching

    Never in the History of Antigua and Barbuda We have seen soooo many CRIMINALS on a ticket as presented by UPP. See the following presented by UPP.

    CRIMINALS ( Spent years in jail for murdering a young girl )

    RAPPISTS ( SPOKESPERSON spent time jail for raping jnder aged girl )

    BANKRUPTCY and ran away.( Candidate ran away from the U S A without paying Mortgage and taxes )

    PERSON CANNOT GO BACK TO ST. LUCIA ( Ran out St.Lucia after molesting young Girl)

  8. @Ingram, my God! I asked you to tell me which of these abject failures of the ALP displays any level of competency and you go on another personal attack tirade. Please! Our country is a failed state ,inspite of the ninety plus borrowings, cip monies and eight hundred million dollars in tax revenue annually. This personal attack is not going to work or save this country. That ship has sailed long ago.


    According to( ERIC) THE RED polls

    ABLP. 17. SEATS.

    UPP. 00 SEAT.

    Watching you are UPP CLOWN. Tell Franz to pay His bills. CROOK.

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