LETTER: Lack of service at magistrate’s court

St John's Magistrate's Court

Please allow me a small space here to air my ongoing displeasure with the customer service or lack thereof at the Magistrate’s court on High St. I have been observing the two cashiers that distribute the maintenance checks. Clearly, some type of favour got them their roles, because they are nothing short of rude, unprofessional and uncouth, often refusing to acknowledge who is in front of them.

Judging from the way they treat the people they serve, they do not like their jobs. I heard one tell the other, referring to a customer, “Chups. Wha  wrong wid she?” To my astonishment, the other just laughed and echoed her sentiment.”

My question is, who are their supervisors? Do they not observe their unacceptable behaviour? It happens daily. Frontline staff always reflect the type of management taking place. I can only imagine what is happening there, but one thing is for sure, it needs to stop immediately.


Astonished and Observing


  1. Sad thing is that this is rampant (especially) in the public sector. They act like they are “doing you a favour” instead of SERVING you efficiently and professionally. These people clearly do not understand what SERVING OTHERS is truly all about. I hope the supervisors have a different attitude so that they can address this critical issue with the staff.

  2. This is common in most government place of business. They all want government jobs, when received it, most of them have poor customer service…inefficient and ineffective, no interpersonal or communication skills. They would not last a week in the private sector.

  3. This is almost the accepted norm in the public sector, unfortunately. It needs to stop. Customer service in these government offices needs a complete overhaul. Their Supervisors need to take responsibility also. This is sad and unacceptable.

  4. Lets bot forget about the lady behing the desk where you make your child maintaince payments. She is rude and always has an nasty attitude.


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