Will my feelings for him ruin our friendship?

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Dear Kate,

I am 27yrs old, my best friend is 32yrs he has 3 kids and so do I. I am in love with him but I do not know if to tell him I have been in love with him for over 2 years now.

I have known him for 15 years he is a great father to kids ..I’ve watched him play basketball ball, wash cars, cut grass everything to feed his children.

I have not been working and he provided for my 3 children. He has never asked me for sex or forced himself upon, all he does is give me advice to try and get a job, and build a house.

however, as of lateĀ I’ve been wanting him to kiss me and more ..I want to be in a relationship with him but I am afraid that a relationship might end the years of great friendship that we have.

What do you think I should do? Keep my feeling to myself or tell him?


Dear Dilemma,

I understand your concern and many people have experienced similar problems. Well, it seems that your best friend already loves and cares for you so there is no dispute in that.

And what better man to spend the rest of your life with than your best friend?
I think you should tell him. Maybe he feels the same way. Who knows perhaps he is also afraid of telling you.
If he doesn’t feel the same way then you have nothing to lose. He will still remain that loving friend who will be there for you through thick and thin.
Tell him!!!
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  1. Everything in life is a risk! “So sink or swim I’m jumping in”

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  2. Go for it & tell him ….he already loves you , the relationship your describing already sounds like he is in love . He sounds like a good guy, what better person to be with than your best friend who knows you inside out & his giving you great advice ..build that house girl

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  3. Interesting how everybody here saying “go for it, tell him”. Nobody even bothered to ask what’s the relationship status of this guy. Interestingly, all the responses thus far have been from women. Obviously he didn’t have those 3 kids by himself. Does he have a girlfriend, perhaps married? Perhaps if he was single he would have already thrown himself at you.

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