I need to know where my husband goes after work


Dear Kate,

My husband came home looking strange like he was asleep somewhere. His work cloths looked like he was on a bed and he smelled clean like soap. I don’t want to sound paranoid but I think he is having an affair.
I want to hire a private detective to follow him after work. I see they have a company in the lobby at bargain center but they charge sooooo much and funds are low. But I need to know, I just have to know.
How do you suggest I go about it?
Dear fishing,
The first thing you need to do is speak to your husband. After all he’s the man you married and if you cannot go to him with your concerns who can you go to?
Let your man know that you have concerns and explain to him what your suspicions are. Most people will say “he nah go tell you the truth”…but even so, you need to bring your concerns to him.
They may just be your presumptions or they may turn out to be true…whichever way; you are well within your rights to ask. Be prepared for anything.


  1. Ok this was script by the said company at the lobby this letter is as fake as they comes no substane not a real situation,but surely is what goes on.but follow your gut feeling it is never wrong yet ,but here is a good one for u your phone fully charged could give your more that 2 days run time your main concerned should be storage make sure it is enough take your chip out snd place it in another phone,turn on your phone recorder make sure everything is on silent and place it in the vehicle with gps tracking on if you need to track ….but mosely your recordings will give you more than you can handle ….but please don’t try if you can’t handle your significant other speaking ill of u and speaking about how they in love with someone else warning it could get really graffic ………most relationships dont stand a chance with pi work do it yourself,number 1 rule don’t get people in your business please DONT… ………..best bet is to leave it alone if u happy because this could be really bad ….let us know what happen because u could get results in no time……with no money spending just a few extra dollars on tissue to wipe them crying eyes

    • LMAO!!! Really? That’s your solution? “just a few extra dollars on tissue to wipe them crying eyes”?? IT will take more than tissue. She gonna need something to deal with the mental and emotional anguish and trauma that will follow suit. She will also need something for slashing tires and fake nails for leaving her mark on him and any side chicks. The list is endless.

      • Lol …trust me the violence would not be good at all if u can stay d if not leave…everbody will disappoint you just find the one worth fighting for …..she will never find a man that is ever down to sleep with her alone ..maybe a manikin

  2. LMAFO if this letter is tea then lady u have son real problems. You actually going to pay somebody to go coop your man. The more look is the less u see. Careful when u go looking u might not fine what u like. Lol😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  3. In small Antigua you go waste you money to pay someone to coup you man. It should be cheaper if you take a day off from work. Stock your car with food, gas and some adults Pampers and park in a non conspicuous place and trail he movements. I would suggest you use a rent a car.

  4. Cry me a faking river….REALLLLYYYY.

    Woman did you ask him if he had to work late …
    I mean did you cover ALL BASES…..

    Cos this smells stink of cheating ….why spend monies on soap….

    If your intuition is telling you he cheating that’s all you need

    Now wa you go do .._

  5. The worst thing about situations like these is that once confronted cheaters tend to deny deny deny. I suggest that you get creative and invest some time into doing your own investigation. You know his movements so you would be able to determine when to make your move. Make sure you gather enough hard facts so that confronted, denial will not be one of his options. Don’t rush it….. just take your time. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. As the saying goes “Go girl!”.

  6. Tell you the truth.. check his phone baby and if you can’t check your HUSBAND phone he is a cheat.. most married men cheat any ways.. nothing new. get you some new dick

    • All men are not cheaters, that’s like you saying all women wear wig, now if you say all men lie then I can agree because sometimes telling you women the truth is pretty hard, example – I like that dress you wearing (when we know in our hearts its a lie) and we hate that dress on you but to make you feel good we lie, so all men are not cheaters you do have a small percentage of good man.

  7. As @Kate said speak to the husband you have been with him for a while you must can tell hen he is not being truthful. Once you ask him about the situation and you know he is lying, don’t tell him anything, just say I believe you and affirm it with a kiss and continue acting normally, so if he is cheating you don’t put him on his guard. Then you decide how to proceed, you can’t be with a person and don’t know their behavior, where they like to go eat or hang out or even who their friends are. So just devise a plan and you will catch him in the act. We men always think we have it planned out and we never do and that’s why some us of get caught and you will catch him if he is lying. So no worries and happy hunting…..

  8. all you had to do is tell your friend to come and get you at a certain time before your husband finish work so u all could go on a mission and follow him so u know exactly where he been.


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