DEAR KATE: My friend wants to blackmail me


Dear Kate,

My friend is blackmailing me. I sent her a picture of me and this top government official in bed together.

We were actually in the middle of “the act” and we decided to take a naked pic. Anyway, I trusted her and sent it to her few months ago and she promised to delete it.

Kate this woman is my friend for years and I trust her. Now me and her have been in a little issue and our friendship became cold.

Now she sent me a messaging saying “wouldn’t the world like to know?”. And she sent me the picture.

This means she never deleted it. I am scared because he is a political big wig and that could cause problems in his marriage, for his political career and it could also end our relationship.

She knows he takes good care of me. Actually, sometimes I share the wealth with her.

I am just scared that she would ruin everything for me.

What should I do?


Hello Scared,

Anybody would be concerned especially because of the situation. A married politician in the nude with his lover isn’t quite the news residents here want to wake up to.

Two things you need to realize, things in the dark always come out in the light so never believe that relationships like these are safe.

Secondly, this girl is not your friend. Anyone who calls themselves friends will not do that so on the positive side you know she never loved you.

If the photo is leaked, then you might have the face the consequences-whatever they may be.

You are worried about the photo being made public but aren’t worried about the situation that you have encouraged in your life for however long.

Its almost as if you are happy about being a mistress to someone who throws wealth on top of you in exchange.

That situation could probably be the way of getting out of the situation entirely.



  1. No it wont cause nothing with his marriage his wife knows about it he has been with one or two senators also u r not special u a hoe and a sick one also any woman that goes with a politician is a slut and a nasty one as that …..its like sleeping with an ox …..women stop degrading yourself and going with politicians

  2. Sin is prevalent since the beginning of creation. No human however has an excuse. The best thing to do is repent and move on. No sidedish can be the main course. Hmmmm, his wife knows! Well, she has the right to divorce him. If she wants to live like that and share her husband, what a thing. Perhaps pride prevents her from doing what she wants. Who knows maybe Mr. Politician threatens her. She may be a weak woman. SMH! Let him sink his soul deeper and may God judge him. As for you madam mistress, these relationships never really last. You are enjoying the benefits of a married woman’s husband and it doesn’t bother your conscience?

  3. This young lady need new friends. As for the politician, he needs to confiscate all phones before coming in the sidechick yard. Ultimately, everybody involved need to change their life. One need to be a better husband, the other need to be a better friend and the one who write Dear kate need to be single. 2019 a different subben.

  4. Everyone on here is judging you however im sure some of them are child molesters, theives, liars, addicted to some wordly thing, use indecent language, fornicators etc. My thing is no sin is greater than none. My mother and grand mother always warned me about friends. I hope u learn…. Leave her karma is a real B

  5. She wanted a bigger cut of the money or maybe she want a threesome with you and Mr politician. Morle of the stroy is don’t kiss n tell

  6. In a case like this the person should be known to the public since he’s a public figure as you describe. One who should have respect for his family, marriage and more so the public which he represent. God has a way of punishing wrong doers’. Look at this as a punishment for both of you and not blackmail. Disgusted with these type of politicians and women who makes our society look bad. Poor Antigua and Barbuda.

  7. If your friend circulates the picture, she’ll be committing a crime under the Electronic Crimes Act which carries a fine of $100,000.00 if convicted in the Magistrate’s Court and $200,000.00 if convicted in the High Court.

    I would report the matter to the police and let the chips fall where they may

  8. IMO, why do the Politicians have money to throw around like that when the people are begging in the street? The potholed and unpaved streets? Karma honey. Tell your “friend” to go ahead. Or maybe you can try to blackmail the guy together???


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