DEAR KATE: I think my sister is sick with an STD


Dear Kate,

I think my sister is sick with an STD and she’s not going for treatment, yet I see her with different men in the house.

She is 27 actually and I realise something isn’t right with her.

I won’t tell you why because it’s too graphic but she may have herpes or some sexual transmitted disease.

I overheard her on the phone saying “is you give it to me. Because it’s you alone I did it with unprotected.”

I know she will say it’s not my business but if she’s going to be living here with me and using the same bathroom then she needs a to be healthy.

Plus all kinds of men in and out of her room or she’s always sleeping out with them.

Should I confront her?

Concerned Sis

Dear concerned Sis,

If your sister is living in your house then you deserve the right to ask her.

She may feel offended but as you say; if she has a serious health concern then you need to ask the relevant questions.

Even if your sister lives with you it doesn’t give her the right to bring different men in and out of the house.

There should always be some level of respect.

It’s your sister. Address your concerns with her. If she cannot abide by your house rules then maybe she needs her own place.



  1. The sister just needs take some antibiotics and she’ll be fine. It is 100% completely normal for grown adult women (27 years old especially) to enjoy sexuality. I don’t see a problem here.

  2. tell your sis go get some penicillin for crying out loud…well that’s if the one she has can be cured. If not…oh well.

  3. Antigua people need to educate themselves you can’t get aides, hiv or std by sharing clothes ,using the same bathroom etc GET EDUCATED


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