Case Against Two Female Government Employees Accused Of Theft Adjourned Again


The woes of two female government employees continues. Informed in May 2019 to attend the High Court for Jury trial on June 27, 2019 saw their cases being further delayed for the umpteenth time.

Merle Williams, 40, of New Winthorpes and Shaunella St Louis, 35, of Upper Fort Road, were jointly charged with the offense.

When the two females appeared at the High Court of Justice with their attorneys, to their surprise a female prosecutor in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) informed the trial Judge that the prosecution was not ready to proceed with the trial.

The two female accused were arrested and charged in 2015 for allegedly withdrawing money from an account in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and routed it through another Caribbean island to Antigua and Barbuda.

Ironically, if not mistakenly, they were charged with stealing the money in Antigua and Barbuda.

At the May appearance, the Court was reportedly told that witnesses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis and Jamaica, were unavailable to attend the scheduled trial.

Ever since their arrest in 2015, the accused had been reportedly placed on quarter salary that they claimed has created extreme hardship to themselves and in meeting their obligations to their respective families.

The duo had appeared before Justice Keith Thomas, now on retirement, on two occasions and now twice before new Judge Stanley John.

They asserted their innocence and not only strongly feels that they have been denied justice, but also that the justice system has miserably failed them.

Both accused were said to be distressed and anxious to see the end of the inordinate Court delays and the end of the trial.

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    • u sound so dunce…. the matter is before the high court for so long now. the police had concluded their investigations and their findings were brought before a magistrate for committal proceedings. how then can it be the police fault?

      • You are the duncing one!! The allegation of the story did not happened in Antigua Judicial. Did the CIBC of Antigua ever said the young ladies stole their money? What ever happened, the police should know what he was doing was wrong, because the bank never reported that the girls steal any money in Antigua. The police was dunce enough to arrest the girls, with no evidence and proof of the bank.

  1. This matter has been going on since 2015-2019 with no ending in sight.That is a long time in any Court.Give those folks their days in Court to prove their innocence or not.

  2. This is out of order, 4 years. Still not ready. Someone is messing with this hearing.

  3. This case should be thrown out or at least a serious threat made to do so if there is further delay.

  4. Is there anything call speedy trial violation in Antigua. Without reading the constitution, I know for a fact such human right and constitutional right exist. This is one of the rights that exist in all democratic, fair and just society.

    It also shows the lack of creativity and the lack of care the attorneys in Antigua seems to be displaying. File a motion to have the case dismissed for speedy trial constitutional right violation. Constitutional challenge people. God please never let me need to go to Antigua and never let me get into anything there.

  5. Now recently a young lady (John g/f) was suspended from duties at the passport office.
    The Minister in charge acting in the government’s interest stated there is no reason legally or otherwise why the young lady cannot return to work. He went on to say she is innocent until proven guilty.

    The young lady ( John g/f) who currently has a serious matter before the High Court is back at work as usual awaiting her hearing.

    What is the difference with that lady and these two?

    Why are they on quarter pay and not half pay as practice?

    Seems prejudicial to me.

  6. The duncing investigator/police did not know that nothing had happened in Antigua. Why charging the girls for something which did not happened in Antigua Judicial system. I really don’t know how that same officer jump so many ranks and still don’t know a shit about police work. Smh.

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