APUA To Stop Disconnections For Three Months

APUA Headquaters

The Antigua Public Utilities Aurhority will stop disconnections for three months and reconnect recently disconnected customers as residents brace for the fall out from COVID-19.

The Cabinet took a decision to enlist APUA’s assistance to cushion the pain of unemployment which many workers face as the hotels close, the airlines lay-off staff, other businesses contract and shorten workweeks, reducing or eliminating salaries and wages. The APUA has agreed:

  1. To cease all disconnections of APUA water and electricity to households for a period ofthree months;
  2. To re-connect those APUA customers who have been recently disconnected (except for theft of services);
  3. To reduce by 20% the cost of electricity to households for a period ofthree monthsor for April, May and June 2020.
  4. Customers are encouraged to continue to make payments to APUA, if they continue to be employed, since the moratorium on payments will cause the customers’ debt to APUA to accumulate and become payable in the future.

The Cabinet has taken this decision to provide households—wherein breadwinners have lost their income because of the effects of the Covid-19—with a period to lessen the pain which has been inflicted on families. The dreaded disease has changed many circumstances, crippled economies and affected the entire globe.


  1. hmmmmm no waivers like our neighbors a measly 20%.

    Take off the fuel variation charge plus reduce the bill by 25%. The fuel variation was introduced as a temporary measure remember?

    How will APUA know who is employed our unemployed?

    Increase the tax on mobile communication and introduce nominal tolls on busy road ways, nominal cost parking meters for the whole of the city. This could net millions per annum easily easily

    • How about taking it upon yourself and your household to reduce usage a little. So with your reduced usage and the 20% off, you might see a reduction in the amount. Just saying.

  2. Amount owing is not written off, only put in forbearance. Once that time comes to an end everything owing to APUA, will be due and payable.

    • Can anyone explain why we have this huge fuel variation charge, when oil is at its lowest price for decades? I understand that the Venuzualans were generous in the past and cushioned Antigua from the extremes, but I thought that arrangement had been terminated.
      If that is the case then Apua is buying extremely cheap oil to produce our electricity, but pretending that oil is still USD$100 a barrel.

  3. Come on APUA you can do better than that….. So will i owe you for those three months inspite of the fact I lossed my income due to the Corona virus?? Please APUA show a little more compassion!!


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