Antigua’s APUA General Manager, Esworth Martin, Urgently Departs as Cabinet Enforces Immediate Pre-Retirement Leave


Esworth Martin, the General Manager of Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), is departing from his role ahead of schedule.

The Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, has requested Martin to take pre-retirement leave immediately, contrary to the initially planned year-end retirement.

The decision aligns with the Cabinet’s commitment to uphold high standards for APUA managers, mirroring those expected of elected officials.

Despite prior announcements, frustration has arisen among consumers facing prolonged water shortages.

PM Browne, dissatisfied with APUA’s performance despite significant investments, remains steadfast in the decision for Martin to leave promptly.

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  1. So why is NERO still around? Mr. Martin could not be a miniscule fraction of the incompetence that is this lunatic. He has deliberately failed to look in the areas where he should have. Robin Yearwood has been the catalyst of the woes in APUA. We as customers know fully well that the Water Department is not the only sore in the organization.

  2. Looking for a scapegoat not going to solve the water problem. You can’t deliver water in a leaking bucket. And Gaston knows this. The problem is not human, it is structural. Antiguans want a regular water supply. Fix the problem and stop chatting crap.

  3. “The decision aligns with the Cabinet’s commitment to uphold high standards for APUA managers, mirroring those expected of elected officials”.

    So how the hell come the cabinet is not gone already? They have no god-damn standards at all.

    This government joke just keep getting bigger and bigger.

    This a.l.p. government should go now. Go to f**k away.

  4. So who really runs APUA? The PM or the Board? Again, I ask, how come the PM’s criticism stops at APUA management, and doesn’t encompass the Minister and the Board – both of which are appointed by the PM?

    This is why nothing in A&B runs properly. There is always the shadow of a politician lurking in the background pulling the strings.

    By no means should my comment be misinterpreted as support for APUA management. They have run the organisation into the ground and left the public holding the bag.

    Let’s wait and see if the PM’s strong stance on the GM will trickle down to Gwen Tongue’s son

  5. Esworth Martin is not a victim; he is simply collateral damage of a institutional corruptive structure in which he has spent his career.

    This is the result of four generations of corruption that is institutional and pervasive.

    A system where no one is accountable for the failures in government providing basic services in spite of high taxes.

  6. Gaston blames and fires APUA management but gives Robin, the APUA Minister forever, a knighthood. Cutie does and achieves NOTHING but Gaston grants him a Knighthood. Gaston is handing out knighthoods to his Cabinet ministers as if they were cookies, but scapegoats the APUA management and employees for the water problem. Pathetic jackass. Seems that Gaston is the deracinated imbecile.

  7. I’ll just bet Martin thought that he was safe. Gaston Browne has no loyalty to anyone but himself, and time will prove this to be true. How readily he throws anyone or anything under the bus to cover his incompetence as PM and finance minister. On the Rumshop, he has something to say about everyone, but he is beyond doubt, the biggest failure ever in the history of Antigua and Barbuda.
    How secretive, clandestine and corrupt this entire country has become under this lunatic. He borrows with impunity, taking money from investors without submitting the paperwork to parliament. When asked about it, the idiot seems almost offended and thinks that Antigua and Barbuda belongs to him.
    Again I say, Martin needs to come clean and let the public know what has been happening in APUA the last ten years. We need to know the damage Pussy Salad has inflicted on this statuary board. Why is Gaston Browne sticking his nose in everything? Does not APUA have a board to look into these matters, or is the board simply a list of minions and yes men and women for the Donkey leader and insecure leader? Speak up, Martin. What do you have to loose?

  8. There’s a reason why he is giving out all those knighthoods to his enrichment team.

    When his time comes to declare himself a national hero, not one of them dare open their mouth and protest.

    • @Sir Top Dawg
      A corrupt leader buys loyalty by making those around him part of the corruption. He will give them a minuscule portion of the loot while he takes the major share. This ensures that these individuals dare not question him as he will destroy them. Gaston knows how to play the game. The sad part is the game is having serious consequences to Antigua.
      When your dereliction of duty is exposed, you find a scapegoat.

  9. Gaston promised to fix/improve the water situation in 14 days. What a colossal failure.

    Now that Martin is a free agent, I hope he will provide insights into what really goes on under the bonnet at APUA. I believe he is the scapegoat, but he should use his insider knowledge to help the public understand what really taking place. How this privatization business really go work? Whose pockets will be greased?

    We can look around us and see many signs of ABLP reckless mismanagement so we know that the water problem is bigger than Mr. Martin. Come clean Saul!

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