NOTICE: Names of legally registered Architects permitted to practice in A&B

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The Antigua and Barbuda Architect Registration Board as mandated by The Architect Registration Act 1987 of the state of Antigua and Barbuda wishes to inform the public of the following persons who are both legally registered Architects and permitted to practice Architecture in Antigua and Barbuda:

Wesley James
Colin John Jenkins
Chad Knight Alexander
Elrie Farrell
Andrew Goodenough
Alex Pigott
Nadine Pigott
Mitch Stuart
Edmund Blaize
Randell A. Pyle
Griffith Joseph
Colin Robinson
Debbie Antonio

The Architect and Barbuda Architect Registration Board is accepting applications for continual registration for those interested individuals. For further inquiries, please contact the Board’s Chairperson at 268 724 0873.

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  1. Is this suppose to mean that DCA won’t accept my plan if drawn by anyone else but these guys ?
    What does this mean.?

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  2. What bull crap… I like you Colin John Jenkins but i know your behind all of this to stop the small man from making money, are you damm Architects charge to dammm much are you to wicked.. hence none of you will get my business.. as indicated by *white rabbit** what does this really entails, if the person na sign up for your stupid association they are not allowed to practice what feeds them … give me a break , i’ll make sure i wont recommend and or use anyone on this list because its wickedness..

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