Old Half Moon Bay Hotel demolished ahead of expected construction

Demolished HMB Hotel

The controversial Half Moon Bay Hotel has been demolished as its new owners prepare for construction of a new resort later this year.

The property was purchased from the Government by the REPLAY GROUP, last year, allowing the administration to pay the US$23 million dollar-value, assigned the derelict structure, to its original owners.

Half Moon Bay Beach

The Half Moon Bay Hotel was destroyed by Hurricane Luis in 1995. Interest payments of US$20 million dollars still remain outstanding.

The construction of a new hotel will commence in the third quarter of 2018 according to the government.


  1. Good riddence to that eyesore
    It was heartbreaking to watch that hotel and know we have to pay all those millions to that wicked Quarrd woman just because politician looking political milage

    • Yes it was a real eyesore. I hope something actually comes to fruition with this new resort. Mrs. Q and her big black racist dog (only barks at coloured folks) can no longer think that the beach belongs to them just cause she owned a hotel there. It is now up to the gov’t to ensure that this new project follows through to the end. The last thing we need is another (unfinished) eyesore!! Best wishes to all involved.

  2. Forgot to say, hope this development doesn’t impact to much on our friend lobster. I like the lad and he has had enough bad luck lately. I hope he’s well. Also those ladies serving the best burgers on antigua. Someone say hello to them for me. Be back soon.


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