‘Make sure you marry a woman’ DNA candidate tells youth (VIDEO)


A candidate for the opposition Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has told a young man that he should marry a woman.

Anthony Stuart made the remark to a youngster who asked the party for its position on same-sex marriages.

After stating that his party sees marriage as a union between a man and a woman, Stuart ended his response by telling the young man “make sure you marry a woman.”



  1. If you’re going to tell the story, tell it straighten. The “Young Man” (as you call him) is Mr. Stuart’s SON. So although I believe Mr. Stuart should be trained to exercise professionalism and decorum in all
    settings, this was more a situation of his pulling his son’s foot than a news story.

    Gwan go find something else to do!!!

    • Ummm. So u’re saying this isn’t news? Stuart said it in a public forum. It’s not bad news. It’s actually shows the bond between father and son.

      This is still news.

  2. LOL! Anthony Stuart when he talks he sounds very “prime ministerial” One time I heard him on the radio saying that if anyone wants to go into business, they should start selling smelling salts because after the elections lots of candidates from the ruling party and the UPP would need them. LOL!!! He is a joy to listen to.


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