Two men charged with kidnapping woman

    Peter Copiel of Yorks


    Peter Coipel, 28 of Yorks and 27 year-old Clayton Jeffery of Bolans were arrested and jointly charged with unlawful confinement by police on Tuesday.

    Clayon Jeffery of Bolans

    Both men are accused of unlawfully holding a 30 year-old female against her will on 7th January. It was reported that they offered the female a ride to a particular night club in St Johns, but instead diverted to an area at Side Hill.

    A report was made to the police and they were taken into custody and charged. They are expected before the Court Wednesday.


    1. Karma is one hell of a bitch….

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    2. Their faces alone are scary enough. So coupled with a kidnapping what an utterly traumatic experience that must’ve been

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    3. them really a criminals for true that why I don’t take ride from people. now a days you don’t know who to trust. I am very sorry for the lady of what she being through. they need to bring back hanging trust me. maybe then nobody would what to commit any crime.

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    4. All u bombs had to do is take care of yourselves and look presentable enough to approach suitable aged women and flirt eventually everything would fall into place rather than what u knuckle heads decided to do and now look where yall end up SMH….It’s a real good feeling to know your female partner is on the same level as you and she is not being forced against her will…

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    5. One of the young man ,the one from York’s is a criminal elements. He is the same stepfather that brought his stepson back to stab my child multiple times. He did not stop there. The police fails my child . Carma is a bitch.

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        • Tthe police failed my child because they never lock him up the stepfther , only the child was lock up ,then releae him. Call the case behind our back,then tell the magistrate I said my child is in school. That guy is cold. But carmais. Bitch

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    6. Karma is a female dog…. what goes around comes right back around smh…. the 1 from Boland has 2 daughters how would he feel if someone kidnapped them

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    7. guys you should be made to suffer woman now a days are so dam easy they could be married or in a relationship they will sex …and they want it more than u something got to be in the water or them injections they gave us talking about flu shots.

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