Dominican Republic to open embassy in Antigua and Barbuda

Minister Charles Fernandez and Dominican Republic Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas.

The Government of the Dominican Republic has announced that it will be opening an embassy in Antigua and Barbuda in 2018.

This was revealed during bilateral discussions held between the Honourable H. Charles Fernandez and his colleague the Honourable Miguel Vargas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, within the margins of the 2nd Meeting of Ministers Foreign Affairs of the CELAC-China Forum in Chile.

According to Minister Fernandez, the discussions held with Minister Vargas were extremely productive, as his government seeks to build stronger alliances with our Spanish speaking Caribbean neighbours.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda in 2017 announced its acceptance of the Dominican Republic’s desire to open an embassy which would serve to facilitate increased cooperation between the two countries. Additionally, the embassy would seek to better serve the needs of citizens of the Dominican Republic living in Antigua and Barbuda.

(Press Release)


  1. It’s About Time! Many Antiguans Migrated To The Domininican Republic; During The 1st & 2nd World Wars! To Seek Better Economical Opportunities, For Their Antiguan Families! There Are Lots Of Dominican Republicn Residents, Living Now In Antigua; Whose Forefathers, Were Originally Immigrants From Antigua! Thank You Charles “Max” Fernandez; For Accepting & Welcoming The Dominican Repuplic Embassy To Antigua!🌴

  2. They need to open an embassy in Haiti and give the Haitians that born and live there their entire life citizenship. They done get TWO set a amnesty in two years in Antigua and we nar pressure the DR government to treat our Haitian Caricom brothers and sisters like human beings.


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