I want my teacher


Dear Kate,

I’m a young lady attending high school and I have a boyfriend, but he’s a bit too immature for me sometimes.

There is this young male teacher who works at my school who is always watching me. I mean seriously staring me down.

He is a few years older than I am. At first, I just ignored it as nothing; although I was curious and felt special as well that he liked me out of all the other girls at school, then recently he told a friend of mine who he knows to ‘hook us up.’

He doesn’t teach my class…I am happy because I won’t learn a thing.

What should I do? Suddenly my boyfriend doesn’t seem important as I know this teacher is such an upgrade.

He has the body of a man, is smart and funny. I don’t know if I can turn down such an opportunity. Age is just a number, right?


Dear GPA,

While it might seem like this love interest is just a few years old, he is still a teacher at your school.

So, my best advice to you is; do not go down that route. He is a teacher at your school. And furthermore, you could be disgraced and also put a young teacher in trouble.

First of all, do you know how many male teachers who have lost their jobs over female students? Stay far away from this teacher and if your current boyfriend is too immature and you don’t feel anything strongly for him then sack him.

I am very disappointed to say the least, in this teacher gesture because he knows you are a student.

I am wondering if you are the only student he has an “eye for”.

Your teacher knows it’s wrong and risky to date a student. Be the wise one and avoid him.



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  1. Kate ….I warned you about your tardiness …late very late letter….but anywhoooooooo…

    This teacher must be very young himself and IF he told your fren that very immature himself…I guess ONLY in Antigua teachers aren’t jailed …..jus terminated and stripped of ever teaching again…

    As for you lil girl….what do I say that your not already aware of….sometimes I feel these letter are computer generated…

    Jus get your emotions together and dnt push the issue…
    You all so hot n ready …does his cologne smells good…lmffa

  2. U want some good blow. Young little school girl like you before u tek in ya lesson ya ah lust after ya teacher. And he need to be remove from the classroom cause it seems like he more interested in getting some from these girls than teaching them. That’s why all them young girls nah stop runaway from come to go look man. Chupz


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